Protect Your Retirement Fund From The Economic Storm

A lot of people tend to panic in times when the economy is becoming problematic because they are worried about their retirement funds. One way to protect your funds from depreciation due to economic problems is through investing in in gold for your IRA. You can search how does a gold ira work online to find out more about gold IRA and to know if it is really for you or not. This article is meant to answer a few of the questions you have about how you can save your retirement fund from the economic problems through investing in gold and other precious metals.

Gold- Backed IRA
Gold and other precious metals have been used to back IRA for a few decades now. The federal regulations allow you to use precious metals to back your IRA instead of the usual U.S. dollars. You can’t just use any precious metal for your IRA, it has to come from one of the dealers that the federal government has approved. Precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum can all be used for your IRA.

Traditional IRAs Vs Gold IRAs
Traditionally, IRAs are paper-backed, which means it is based on the dollar. On the other hand gold IRA’s are backed not only by gold but also other precious metals. Although both are used on your retirement, they differ from each other in a number of reasons. One of them is the fact that the gold IRAs are what you call the self-directed IRAs. This means that the client has the freedom to choose on what he or she would want to invest on.

Many people choose to go for gold IRAs because gold is something you can physically own unlike equity that just means you own part of the company because of the stocks you buy. You earn or grow your money as the company or business also profits. On the other hand, those who invest in precious metals earn a profit when there is a demand for the precious metal that they invest on. The price of the metals increases and so is the value of their investment or retirement fund.

Unlike other paper assets, it is not really affected by devaluations or dilutions that other investments go through. Unlike the value of the dollar that decreases, the value of gold rises. Gold has been valuable from the historic times up to the present and it is a good investment for those who can afford it.

My Financial Advisor Doesn’t Recommend Gold Investing
If gold investing was so great, then why would my financial advisor not recommend it? This is the question that runs through a lot of people’s heads when they hear about investing in gold. The reason behind this is that there are only a few institutions that can handle precious metals as parts of the retirement plans. The financial advisors can only recommend publicly traded securities and not all financial advisers have adequate training about it. Although there may also be some that would invest in mining stocks.

Gold is Becoming Popular as an Investment

Since 2010, gold has become more popular as an investment for people’s futures and when I say futures I mean their retirement years. Why this change in thinking came about in 2010 is because that was the year of the last financial crises and although the crisis may have now been gotten over for most, for 75% of retirees that year, it will remain a crisis for the rest of their lives. When people make investments for their retirement years, they expect to get good returns for the savings they put in but, if there is a financial crisis the year they come to retire, if their investments had been placed in the stock market, their returns may be well short of what they had hoped for or deserved. Although too late for those that retired in 2010, it was not too late for those retiring later to take precautions to avoid the same thing happening to them and so that is why they started to look at gold as an investment. Not only does gold not depend for its value on the stock market but neither does it depend on any one currency as it has its own international value. The ups and downs of one stock market or one country’s financial troubles may not affect the price of gold at all and so as a safe retirement investment, there is hardly anything better.

IRAs are of course the popular way to save for retirement but what many people may not realize is, that apart from the regular IRAs that invest your savings in the stock market, there are also gold IRAs that can only invest your savings in either gold or other precious metals. Although the gold investments that can be made with gold IRAs have some restrictions, those restrictions still allow for some leading gold investments to be made. Of course if you decide to have gold IRAs, you should check on the restrictions as violating them will cause you to lose the lucrative tax benefits that are associated with any type of IRA. Once you have started to buy physical gold with your investments, although they are termed physical gold holdings, you cannot actually hold them yourself in you r house, you have to acquire the services of a qualified custodian who will then find somewhere safe for your holdings to be placed. When acquiring a custodian, don’t just accept the first one; shop around as their fees can differ quite dramatically from one to another, possibly depending on where they choose to keep your holdings. All the custodians will though, base their fees on how much physically holdings you intend to have. Obviously those holdings may start small but over the years will increase and so check on what they will charge for the amount you hope to hold in the future and not just on what they may charge for your immediate holdings. If you do not want to invest all your savings in gold, diversifying your portfolio with at least some, may make for a happier retirement.

Are You Looking for Tips on How to Buy Gold?

In life, having a huge income, while not really needed, is definitely very welcome. With a large income, you can afford to purchase more things as well as enjoy more conveniences in life.
In order to be able to receive a big income, a lot of people focus on working hard on their job in order to increase their pay, while others put a lot of time and effort in order to make sure that the business that they are running will grow.

If you are already focused on one of the above ways to earn an income then that is definitely a good thing. However, you will not want to stop there and instead also exert some time and effort in order to make sure that you will be able to have an investment that will allow you to gain extra income, even through just passive means.

Now there are a lot of investment options that you can go with in order to earn passive income, but one option that you will want to strongly consider is for you to invest some of your money in gold. One of the main reasons why you will want to do so is that gold’s value rarely goes down, and if the value does drop then the drops that occur are usually very minimal. Also, history shows that even with economic downturn or problems, gold still holds its value very well.

Also, another reason why you will want to invest in gold is that its value raises on a regular rate on an annual basis. While the increase in the value of gold is usually incremental, what’s great about the metal is that the increase is steady. What this means is that if you are able to start an investment in gold early, then there is a strong possibility that you will be able to reap a substantial gain from your investment after a number of years.

Now if you have been researching on gold investments and you are very interested in the benefits that it can give you then you most probably want to purchase gold at this point in order to start with the investment early. If you are looking for a guide or how to buy gold then is a website that you will want to visit.

What’s great about the website is that it will give you all of the information that you will need in order to start a gold based investment and that it will also teach you how and where to buy gold.

The website’s guide will teach you how to choose gold that is of high quality and also introduces the idea of you investing in Karatbar gold coins. What’s great about these coins is that they are made by refineries that are accredited by the London Bullion Market Association so you are guaranteed about the quality of the gold coins that you will be buying.

With the things that you will be able to learn from, starting out a gold investment should be a lot less of a hassle for you.

Invest In Gold Now

Of the many things that you could get your money, it’s gold that you should purchase. That’s because this precious element is something that is sought after by people. It’s because of the way it looks and its value. Basically, this type of metal is something that always appreciates. No matter what happens in the world, the price of gold steadily increases. That’s why, if you have the money for it, you should invest in some. In fact, with the way it is, you could have it worn or used for practical uses. Basically, gold is something that is incorporated in certain machines like remote controls and computers. It’s also considered jewelry by many because of its physical appearance. But how do you invest in gold? You could set up a gold IRA or visit jewelry stores that have some for sale. Also, you could visit collectors that may have some gold that they want to dispose of. However, when you purchase, you should be wise. That’s because not everything that looks gold is or has some of it. As much as possible, if you’re going to purchase gold, you should get those that are 24 karat or one hundred percent gold. If not that, you could get the ones that are old or considered to be antique. That’s because classic jewelry or precious metals are sold at high prices. To know more about why you should purchase gold for your own sake, please continue reading.

Take note, in this day and age, anything could happen. Because of inflation and crisis in economy, the buying power of the currency that you rely on may decrease. Also, as time goes by, the prices of material objects and food increase because of the high demand for them. You should definitely invest in gold because it’s something that can still be sold for a steep price even if your country would experience financial problems. That’s because numerous countries worldwide are generally looking for it. Because of its rarity and usefulness, it’s very expensive. Since the money that you saved in the bank may not grant you the privilege of being able to purchase lots of essential items for your survival later on, you should invest in gold or other precious metals.

Sure, there are other things that could let you take advantage of your money now. You may invest in a house, automobile or whatever gadget may give you pleasure so that you could live your life well. However, take note that investing in gold can give you real financial security. Sure, having a house of your own may give you a place to stay in but what if war would come and you’d be forced to abandon your home? The same is true with having a car. If you seriously wish to prepare for the future, you should have some gold. Set up an account that collects objects that have it on them or get some that you could wear or keep. But, to make sure that you don’t purchase fake ones, you should read top gold dealer reviews first online.

Early History of Silver Coins

Silver coins are one of the oldest forms of coinage. The earliest coins discovered were minted in Lydia in Asia Minor around 600BC. IT as made of electrum,an alloy of gold and silver, that was available in the territory of Lydia. Coinages that were usually stamped lumps of metals with a specified weight spread throughout adjacent regions like Aegina. In the nearby regions like Greece, coins were mostly silver made. The coinage concept spread throughout the entire region. The greek coins had staters and drachma denominations, together with their fractions.

Chinese coins were made almost at the same time as Greek and Lydian coins. These coins were made mostly of bronze and had a different concept.

Later on, the silver Mediterranean coins were eventually mixed with Bronze coins, which showed lesser value. These coins were mostly used in small transactions which involved small sums.

The coins of the Greek had a lot of variation due to the number of city states that issued them. There were indications of the place of origin of the coins. The coinage systems differed from one another. Eventually, there was a standard that was established by defining the proper weight of each coin. Each of the standards were used throughout the Mediterranean region.

The Macedonian Kingdom dominated the Greek in the 4th Century. Alexander the Great launched an attack on the kingdom and defeated it. After Alexander’s Empire fell in 323 BC, the eastern Mediterranean region and West Asia got divided into Kingdoms which replaced the city state of Greece. Greek coins were then used by kings and it was not used as much by the cities.

While the Greek world was slowly becoming monarchies, the Romans broadened their control in the Italian Peninsula. They minted their first coins in the early 3rd century. They had a similar mix of silver and bronze coins. Eventually, the principal coin became the silver denarius. It stayed as the principal coin until the downfall of the Roman economy. This particular silver coin had very low silver content and developed into pure bronze coins.

Many Hellenistic ruled regions were under Roman control but they did not immediately have a unitary money system. The coins of the eastern regions were still in prevalence and dominated the western region coins. The Greek coinages were known as the Greek Imperial coins.

Aside from the Romans and the Greek, the Parthians from Persia also had their own version of coins. These were the drachms and tetra drachms. After the Parthians were defeated and the Sassanians took over, the new dynasty minted their own distinct thin spread fabric silver drachms. This became the main coin of their empire until the arab conquest in the 7th century.

The early coins mainly had evolved depending on which country it was made in, or what dynasty was in rule during that time. There was also adaptation of coins in different places but it can be said that coins were mostly made by whoever was the predominant leader of the Era or the place.

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Find Silver Bars From Reputable Dealers To Gain The Best Deals

If you are an investor who intends to diversify the investment portfolio with either silver or gold bullion, you can easily find Silver Bars online. It certainly isn’t surprising since you can buy almost anything through the internet. Most dealers of gold and silver bullion have their websites with different payment options which means that you can buy silver bars from the relative comfort of your home or office. However, it is important to put some effort at research on gold and silver dealers to gain the best deal.

Why it is essential to know the different sizes of silver bars

Silver bars are sold primarily in troy ounces. One troy ounce is approximately 1.09714 avoirdupois ounce or 31.1034768 gram. You can buy silver bars in increments of one-ounce, 5-ounce, 10-ounce, 100-ounce or 1000-ounce bars. If you have the money to invest in silver bars, your best option would be larger bars with lower premiums per ounce. It is more cost effective to invest in 100-ounce silver bars since you avoid paying a large premium. On the other hand, the size and weight of the silver bar you buy will also depend on your investment goals. If the goal in buying silver bars is for long term investment, you would do nicely with the 100-ounce bars or 1000-ounce bars. If your intention is for wealth preservation with a plan to liquidate a portion of your silver investment when the prices rise, it makes sense to invest in the smaller ounce-bars.

How to liquidate your silver bars

The ease of liquidity is very important when investing in silver bars or other precious metals, for that matter. Liquidity or marketability means the speed with which you can convert your metal assets into cash should the need arises. In order to ensure that you will be able to liquidate your silver bars without any complications, make sure to buy from reputable dealers who only sell silver bars with the stamp of .999 fine purity. It would be relatively easy to sell your silver bars for a fair price because its value will not be under question. Some precious metal dealers may offer silver bars and gold bullion for a cheap price but you face the risk not being able to sell your assets. Buyers are quite vigilant when it comes to precious metal investments because they do not want to be stuck with silver bars that are not worth their money.

Silver coins as investment

Gold bars are more attractive to investors but silver is sometimes a better option because you get more for less cash. You can easily buy large quantities of silver and liquidate it in the future for high returns on investment. Aside from silver bars, you can also invest on silver bullion coins, Numismatic silver coins, semi-numismatic silver coins and pre-1964 junk silver coins. Silver bullion coins normally have .999 fineness. It is the preference of many silver investors. However, the choice of silver coins for investment is also dependent on your plans for the future whether you will ultimately sell it for a profit.

Gold Bars As A Safe Haven Investment

Gold has been proven time and again to be a safe haven investment during an economic crisis. A number of investors have included physical gold in their investment portfolio as security during an economic crisis and instability. However, before you make an investment in gold bars and gold coins, it is essential to research dealers and their prices. Every dealer will certainly claim that he is offering the best prices but don’t just take their word; make an analysis of various prices to gain the best deal. Buy Gold here if you want protection for your other financial assets.

How to diversify your investment portfolio with gold

You can always set a certain percentage of gold for your investment portfolio. Experts have different suggestions on the percentage of gold that should be included in your portfolio but you have to decide based on your own goals whether it is a long term investment or short investment. There are dealers that will allow you to buy a set amount of gold every month which is the easiest if you want a simple and convenient process of amassing physical gold. For example, you can set aside at least $200 every month for your gold investment in either bullion coins or gold bars. If in case you want to cash in your gold investment, you don’t even need to have physical possession of your gold bars, since the dealer himself can handle the transactions so that you can gain a tidy profit.

What is a better investment – gold jewelry or gold bullion?

Many people prefer to invest in gold jewelry because it can be used to enhance looks. Gold jewelry can be sold easily if and when the need arises. However, gold tends to wear when it is used frequently which can have an effect on its price when sold. If the gold jewelry contains precious stones and gems, its value tends to depreciate more. In fact, jewelry is more of consumption than an investment. Buying physical gold in the form of bars or bullion coins is a better option if your goal is to diversify your portfolio. You can buy gold bars and coins from dealers where you are assured of purity and fineness. If you buy gold bars, you generally pay only for the market price without any other additional charges. Gold bars though have to be kept in a depository for security reasons.

Gold bars or gold bullion coins?

A serious investor who is thinking of a long term investment will typically invest in gold bars because they have lower premiums than their intrinsic gold value. However, when it comes to selling, you cannot sell a portion of a 1kg gold bar. In a way, investment in gold coins can be more sensible because you can easily sell a portion of your coin possessions. On the other hand, it is worth considering the kind of gold bullion coins to invest in since there are coins whose value depends on its historical significance and are often sold to private collectors.

How to Look for Silver On the Internet

The growing interest in purchasing precious metals is reflective of the need for investors to be able to diversify their assets. Several people have taken to acquiring gold and silver as a means of protecting themselves from increased inflation rates. Purchasing these precious metals provide you with a way to secure your wealth in forms that are less susceptible to sudden crashes in the market. Given the amount of interest in this area, you may be interested in acquiring these metals as well. There are a variety of options available for you to explore in terms of purchasing silver. Let’s take a look at a few options that you need to consider.

One of the main ways for you to be able to acquire silver is to visit a few dealers around your area that may possess stores of this precious metal available for purchase. This is a process that is not without its share of effort. Going to different shops to compare prices and inquire about availability can be laborious and time consuming. Fortunately, you no longer need to go from shop to shop to be able to find silver in a convenient manner. The internet is a potent service that you can choose to employ in your efforts to track down the resource that you’re interested in being able to acquire.

One of the best things about acquiring silver from an online source is the sheer amount of convenience that it provides you. You can easily go online and pore over a vast amount of options within the comfort of your own bedroom without having to spend money on gas to visit shops located a few miles from your place of residence. Online retailers are online 24 / 7 as well. You are no longer bound by the restrictions set by a store’s operational hours when you choose to look for the item of interest over the internet.

You still need to guarantee that the dealer that you’ve engaged over the internet is a trustworthy source before you proceed with the purchase. Do not attempt to acquire silver from a shady source. Ideally, you should only deal with operations that have had a long history of acquiring and selling silver. These establishments usually have established reputations that they need to protect at all costs. Trading with merchants of this stature goes a long way towards ensuring that you get to acquire what you’ve been looking for in a secure manner.

You’re swamped with options for shopping if you choose to go the route of the internet. A quick way for you to quickly track down silver is to search for Silver Eagles over a powerful search engine. You’ll be able to find sources to satiate your needs in the blink of an eye. Make sure that you get to run enough research on the items that you’re about to purchase before you finalize your deals. An educated perspective and concentrated effort will immediately translate into a successful purchase.

How To Read The Silver Market

You hear it all over the news and radio advertisements that there’s a boom coming. “Silver Prices are rising!” they shout, with testimonials from people saying how buying low and selling high has changed their life and made them rich; or maybe about how they bought bullion 5 years ago and suddenly the price rose and made them rich overnight. A lot of these may give off the feeling that they’re too good to be true. Why doesn’t everyone hoard silver if it’s such a good investment? Surely if it was true, everyone would have a stash of silver bars in their closets if it was as simple as spending a bit, letting it sit for a few years, and then cashing in. Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Like every other buy low, sell high scheme, it takes a lot of knowledge to actually profit from it.

While it’s true that silver is more common than gold, the actual amount of it in circulation at any time is lower. This is because there are many, many industrial uses that take it out of active circulation. Electronics, appliances, water treatment plants, textiles, hair brushes, bandages, all of these have products which consume silver, and the amount of demand for silver is only increasing. This is a major reason that silver is set to increase, because it’s being consumed – not just circulated – at an increasing rate. However, even though over the long term it’s set to increase in value, the market is also very volatile in comparison to gold. This hugely volatile market means there is great opportunity for short-term gains, but means that it’s equally possible for you to lose quickly.

Buying low and selling high is only the base of reading the market to find out when the best time to make a profit is. Silver traders look at its price in other currencies, where it has currently increased to record prices. The United States’ dollar commonly follows this trend set by other currencies. Currently, experts are recommending that on the next large price dip, it would be advisable to purchase as much as you need to supplement the portion of your investment money allocated to silver, as this is likely to be the last drop for a while. The majority of new silver investors will chase the market, meaning that when silver prices rise, they buy in hope of them raising more. When silver prices lower, they sell with the intent of selling before the market price gets even lower. On paper, obviously this is not the best investing strategy, but it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re new to the market and playing with your own real money for the first time. However, the silver market by nature is extremely volatile, and you should avoid selling for a loss at all costs. More than likely, the market will rebound back to a more comfortable level, and likely will soon jump in order for you to make a profit on your investment.

All You Need To Know About Morgan Dollars

Morgan Dollars were a coin that was minted from only 1878 to 1904, then again briefly in 1921. Its appearance is with Lady Liberty on the obverse side with flower blossoms and wheat stalks in her hair. The words “E PLURIBUS UNUM” are present on this side, and the mint year is on the bottom surrounded by stars. On the reverse side is an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch. This coin is made of 90% silver and 10% copper, and the most common ones are usually sold for the value of their silver alone. However, like with many coins, there are several different mints that are worth considerably more. As always, if you think you have one of these mints in your collection, you want to have your coin authenticated by a reputable coin dealer or grading service. They will look at the condition, the year, and the mint mark to figure the rarity of your coin and the condition of it.

Coins minted in Carson City in the years 1881, 1885, 1889, 1893, in San Francisco in the years 1893 and 1895 are worth considerably more than others, however. The crown jewel of all Morgan Dollars is the 1895 coin with no mint mark, minted in Philadelphia. This coin is extremely rare and can fetch anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000 and up. It’s estimated that only 880 of 1895 Morgan dollars exist with any mint mark, though some would estimate it to be far lower. No mint quality coins of this mint are known to exist, and if one was found it would truly be an exceptional day for coin collectors.

You can find the mint mark (or lack thereof) on your coin by looking just below the bow in the wreath on the reverse side of the coin. CC is the mark for Carson City, O is the mark for New Orleans, D is the mark for Denver, S is the mark for San Francisco, and coins minted in Philadelphia carry no mint marks. Although you will find many estimates of this coin online, the rarest ones very frequently change in value and are often so rare that you should seek out multiple offers before settling on one.

Morgan dollars are a favorite of many coin collectors, because of the large amount of mint cities and years. During its time, it was one of the most widely circulated coins in the US. Because they’re so popular and the common forms are easily accessible to novice coin collectors, even the most easily found coins are likely to hold their value independent of the value of the silver they contain. This can make people believe that they are a good investment, because they’re currently priced similarly to their silver weight they will also raise if the price of silver continues to rise. However, if the price of silver lowers, many experts think that Morgan dollars will hold their value rather than dipping low along with the price of silver.